Download3K Awards

Download3k Editors give these awards to products they find to be in top of their category in terms of quality, usability and performance. They take into consideration visitors' ratings as well. Programs which display these badges are the very best we have to offer to our users.

If you are a software author and your product has received a Download3k award, you can choose any image from this page and place it on your web site.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you need other formats or slight adjustments to present graphics to better accommodate your website's design.

Download3K Editors' Pick Images:

  • 150x70 px, 3.24 KB, GIF

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  • 150x70 px, 3.12 KB, GIF

    110x51 px, 2.20 KB, GIF

  • 150x70 px, 3.04 KB, GIF

    110x51 px, 2.22 KB, GIF

  • 100x100 px, 13.85 KB, PNG

    80x80 px, 10.66 KB, PNG

Download3K 5 Stars Award Images:

  • 100x100 px, 6.59 KB, GIF

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  • 160x90 px, 6.66 KB, GIF

    100x56 px, 3.91 KB, GIF

  • 160x50 px, 4.80 KB, GIF

    110x40 px, 3.26 KB, GIF

  • 200x80 px, 7.70 KB, GIF

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